When Ignition Capital on-boards a new capital raise venture, the first step is founder/team psychometric analysis to assess execution suitability. Next, a proprietary 7 step invest-ability process is conducted which holds every element of the organization to a rigid framework of accountability. The team, roles, structure, assumptions, competitive & go-to-market strategies, roadmap, financial modeling, and exit are pragmatically validated under strict tolerances.

Raising capital is a delicate balance of track record, connection to fit-for-purpose capital sources, investable ventures, investable teams, and deep due diligence. Once the invest-ability assessment is complete, ICC utilizes the output data to create required collateral documentation and navigate the transaction through to closing; but it does not stop there. In fact, this is when the real work begins. The next raise begins the second the last one closes and every step is measured to support future credibility.

“Culture may win convincingly over strategy but without execution we are all dead in the water”. ~Dr. Simon Mills.
   The reasons that people fail to implement strategic plans are many, but they boil down to one discernible element; accountability. Ignition Capital utilizes its proprietary Managerio™ software to deliver adherence to the plan in which the investment capital was deployed to achieve. Ignition Capital stays in the role of board advisor for a minimum of 24 months to mitigate investor risk.

Slide The 7-Stage Operating System for Success


1: Invest-ability assessment: Being investable is so much more than just a good idea. Can the founders return capital and profit to investors? Financial model stress testing along with deep analysis of the GTM strategy is where the process begins.

2: Team capability mapping: Knowing where the friction will be, helps plan for success.

3: Collateral content creation: Streamlined communication takes real-time and skill to develop.

4: Data room build: Everything in one place with monitored interaction.

5: Capital raise execution: Preparation and opportunity.

6: Project oversight: Exactly what to do and when to do it is driven by our software.

7: Board advisory: Planning for the next raise while executing on the deliverables.

The Managerio™ project management system keeps the team on track and investment capital deployed according to expectations in service of capital-risk-mitigation.

Benefits of the execution focus


Inventing the future is hard

Raising Capital

Requires the perfect storm of ~100+ elements. If you don't have +80% of them in place, you probably will not succeed


Investing in the future is hard


Engaging the highest level expertise at minimal upfront cost is an easy decision

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