Portfolio and Client Companies


Artemis Intelligent Robotic Systems

Revolutionizing non-destructive testing and inspection of marine piles using a patented multi-modal inspection system
and a fully automated robotic delivery platform.

Retail Housing

Smart Homes

Factory-built single-family homes

Consumer Internet


Kevin Costner is a world-class storyteller. With HearHere, he’s entered the audio storytelling world, along with Cofounders Bill Werlin and Woody Sears. HearHere is a geo-triggered narration of your surroundings wherever you go.



Easy Linux alternative to Windows Server.
Join Windows® clients to the domain and manage them transparently. No disruption to your users, no user or device CALs.

Textile Manufacturing

Hodges International

Bringing manufacturing back to the US, Hodges International has gut-renovated a 150-year-old, 150,000 square foot mill in Lincolnton North Carolina to begin manufacturing clothing from police uniforms to military and from home goods to high fashion right here on US soil.



Humanax Acquisition Corp. (HMNX), a $150 million special purpose acquisition company, was formed to acquire high-quality growth businesses that can generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns for shareholders. HMNX is led by company founders, operators, venture capitalists, and investment bankers.

Artificial Intelligence

Synthetic Neural Labs

A multi-project AI development company. The first project, Deanna.ai is a predictive analytics tool for crypto trading.

Deep Tech

Idea Ignition Fund

A $10MM deep-tech fund focused on groundbreaking technology companies in Brazil

Deep Tech

The Chalets

A 64 home workforce housing resort servicing the explosive growth in Reno Nevada

Wealth Management

Rockefeller Capital Management—Moldaver Lee Group

Ignition is engaged with RCM-MLG on a consulting basis


Cana Foundation


Cana Foundation—founded by Manda Kalimian, author, speaker,  philanthropist, and activist—works with science-backed information to create rewilding initiatives for wild horses and environments, including  with Science Advisor Dr. Ross MacPhee of the American Museum of Natural History.

Mission Driven Content


A publishing imprint designed to educate for a better world

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